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My name is Hallie (Hey-lee) Smith and I am a recent journalism graduate from Boston University. I am originally from Sacramento, CA but was drawn to the East coast for its history and am now based in San Jose. I found my first byline at the BUQuad, of which I became Editor-in-Chief.

While a journalism student, I studied abroad spring semester of my junior year in Washington, D.C. and interned full-time for the Communications team at The Wilderness Society while there. I also wrote briefly as a freelancer for Bit of News and Invented Magazine, both of which gave me an opportunity to get experience writing about politics and technology.

I found a leadership position as Editor-in-Chief of BU Quad for two years, spending my final year in college simultaneously doing that and interning for Boston Magazine, where I wrote about health. This past summer, I taught various subjects at a summer camp in Palo Alto, one of them being instructing students on how to create a WordPress blog. For now, I copyedit on Fiverr.com.

My goal is to work somewhere where I can write and produce content that makes a difference in someone’s day while also being part of a team that loves taking on challenges.

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