Using ESPN Stats To Create My Own Data Visualization

I won’t be talking much about ESPN anymore, but I thought I would continue to keep it in my assignments, as I have grown accustomed to visiting the site and analyzing it. Last week, I talked about Fantasy Football and how ESPN is constantly driven by data for multiple stories each week. They use the data from performances of players to predict how players will perform next week, and what team will win. A whole story can even be just tables of how well players are doing.

This week, I’ve created a data visualization on Silk that shows the Top 10 Fantasy Football Point Leaders for Week 10 of Fantasy Football, using ESPN’s stats. I included the player, the player’s position and team, who their opponent was last week, if they played at home or away, and finally, how many points they scored. This is not the overall point leaders, as those numbers can constantly change, but Week 10 is finished.


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