Recap of GOP Debate Live-Tweets

Last night was the GOP Debate in Milwaukee, hosted by FOX Business and sponsored by the Wall Street Journal.

My question was who would be in the lead at the end of the night. Carson was quiet, waiting for questions, and Trump really only flared up when he and Kasich got into an argument about immigration. Of the three front runners, it felt like Rubio did the most speaking.

Rubio went on several rants, talking a lot about family and his plan for America.

I tweeted or retweeted a few different fact checks during the debate – it’s always both fun and disappointing to catch a candidate using wrong information.

I was definitely confused by this, too. What’s the point of deporting them if you want them to come back? Whenever Trump starts talking about immigration, he just yells, which makes it hard to understand clearly what he wants.

Kasich seemed to do a lot of talking, but also seemed to always be asking for more. The debaters on the outskirts definitely seemed to be talking more than the front runners – I don’t think enough to shift the balance, but definitely enough that their names and faces are more recognizable now.

Trump’s accusation that Fiorina was interrupting too much got well-deserved boos from the crowd, and it will be interesting to see if Fiorina plays the gender card in talking about getting silenced. She didn’t last night, probably knowing it was a cheap shot, but I’m curious to see if she will in her next public appearance.

In all, the candidates all seemed to be happy with this debate. I didn’t hear much complaint from them in what questions they were asked. As always, they just wanted more time to talk. All they can hope for is that if someone is interested in them, they will navigate to their website to listen to them more.


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