A Peek Into My Longform Piece

So far, the only real reporting I have done on this blog was to share a piece about Converse Rubber Tracks. Last week I shared a video and an audio walking tour I had created, but they were more for visual and auditory fun than information.

I am currently looking into pedestrian accidents around Boston, specifically on and near college campuses.

I have reached out to Mayor Walsh because he announced in March initiatives that would focus on improving transportation for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. I also reached out to the mayor because the most recent data I could find on pedestrian accidents was only nationwide, and was from 2012. I need something more up-to-date than that.

I plan to look further into Boston stats and see when accidents are the highest. Hopefully I can reach out to police and get them to cooperate with documentation. I don’t want names, which I know would likely violate privacy laws. I just want numbers.

This story lends itself to both video and text, but as I am not a broadcast major and am not as talented with cameras as I am with writing, this story will be a written piece. I feel I can better use graphics and visuals when they are embedded within an article rather than doing a voice over of videos.


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