Learn About Your City with a Twitter Scavenger Hunt

Even if you’ve lived in a city for years, there is always more to learn.

This week, my JO304 assignment was to participate in a Twitter Scavenger Hunt. The checklist included 10 items, ranging from interviewing a student about attending school in Boston to a scenic spot in Boston to how Bostonians have fun no matter the weather.

I have accumulated my tweets as well as some of my peers’ in the Storify here.

Here is the list for anyone who might want to do a Scavenger Hunt of their own! It has been adapted to fit any city.

  1. City Snapshot: A photo with suitable text that explains what makes the city unique.
  2. Food/Drink: Photo from inside an eating spot or watering hole in the city, plus suitable text to expand on or enhance the image. Be sure to include the full name of the establishment, and the Twitter username if the place has one. Note: This is NOT an ad.
  3. Person on the street: Photo and quote from someone on the street. Ask him/her what they think makes the city a great city. Be sure you include their full name, where they live and a Twitter username if they have one.
  4. Student on the street: Video of a student, on or off campus. Ask him/her what he/she what they find most interesting about going to school in this city. In the text, be sure to include student’s year in school (freshman, etc.), major, and Twitter username if they have one.
  5. Academic Excellence: Photo and quote that shows how a university contributes to cutting-edge research or innovation.
  6. Weather: Photo that shows either (a) how people have fun when it’s nice outside, or (b) what people do when it’s crappy outside. (Your choice of a or b depends on the temperature on the day when you are shooting!)
  7. Scenic spot: Photo and text of a nice spot in the city with a little background about the area. In the text, be sure to specify where it is.
  8. Sports Talk: Ask a person on the street how they feel about the city’s sports team(s). Shoot this outside.
  9. Off the Beaten Path: Photo and caption about a location in the city that may not be well-known but is interesting.
  10. Freestyle: Your very own final unique tidbit of information—with a photo or video—about the city.

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