NewsTrack Week 1: ESPN’S Mission Statement

I was not raised a sports fan. I watched a few Sacramento Kings basketball games with my dad when they were actually good, but that was about it. Fast forward to 2015 –  I draw for my JO304 NewsTrack assignment. The most contact I’ve had with sports since then was probably getting talked into joining a Fantasy Football league, ironically, hosted on ESPN.

Nevertheless, I find myself drawn to ESPN’s homepage. They strive for interactivity with their audience, and they’re all about personalization. As you can see on the front page, the left sidebar is news tailored directly to you – how the teams you’re interested in are faring. (Also pictured in this screenshot is how amazing I’m doing at Fantasy Football. I’m on the fast track to being league champion with an 0-2 record.)

Screenshot of homepage on Sept. 22
Screenshot of homepage on Sept. 22

The site also refreshes itself periodically to keep the game scores at the top of the page (not pictured) up-to-date. This is in line with what I’ve gathered to be ESPN’s mission: have the quickest, most accurate and largest volume of information regarding all sports. Along the top bar beside their logo, ESPN provides links to what they assume most of their consumers are interested in: football, basketball, baseball, college football, and tennis. However, hovering over the three dots besides that brings up another list including golf, Olympic sports, horse racing, cricket, rugby, and more.

Of their three part goal, ESPN is doing really well at meeting it. With the self-refreshing page and the live twitter feed on the right-hand side, they are providing the most up-to-date information. On their Corrections page, ESPN excuses and apologizes for any errors by stating, “ESPN produces 24/7 programming and services, across many platforms and under fierce deadline pressures. Mistakes are inevitable.”

ESPN is also doing a great job at retaining a large volume of sports information. On their fact page, they boast that “ESPN, Inc., The Worldwide Leader in Sports, is the leading multinational, multimedia sports entertainment company featuring the broadest portfolio of multimedia sports assets with over 50 business entities.”

I’m excited to see if ESPN can continue to maintain this high standard that they hold themselves to.


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