About this Journalist

Hallie Smith is currently a Junior at Boston University in the College of Communication

Originally from Sacramento, California, Hallie came to Boston University as a journalism major in fall of 2013. With a passion for finding typos, Hallie found a home at the BU Quad her sophomore year as a copy editor. By the end of her sophomore year, she had been promoted to Head Copy Editor, and then was asked to take over as Editor-in-Chief for her junior year.

After writing a concert review in October 2014, a Nashville music agency contacted Hallie about interviewing a musician that was coming to Boston in the recent weeks. Hallie agreed, and has now interviewed multiple musicians, one that recently performed at the Bottlerock concert in Napa Valley, and another who had a song that peaked at 29 on Billboard Hot 100 in 2013.

She gets a rush from writing news and seeking out stories. She has a great interest in improving the media and contributing to the press, and is passionate about serving the public and providing them with accurate and important news for their daily lives.


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